Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Five P Embed player demo

play movie here

Five P embedd editor demo

play movie here

Saturday, April 18, 2009

how to embedd five p editor/player into your blog/html pages

How to embedd HS Five P player and Editor code into your blog/ html pages.

you might have seen the demonstration of the hot spot player from the earlier posts. The basic player

will show some of the hot spot adding to spice up your video. In five p player, you can even advertise your 
own video and host the same.

Here is how you can get the player and editor code for your video.

2. There will be two options. Youtube and other 
3. If you choose other, please make sure you give the full path to the flv file to be demoed.
4. If you choose the youtube video, just copy paste the youtube video link
5. There is a check box for enabling and disabling the Five p views for your video.(Advertisement bar).
6. Once you chose the video type and gave the url, press the edit video button.
7. You will be redirected to the video editing page.
8. On the video editing page, you can add the hot spots etc. for the video, set their timings and the text 
   that needs to be displayed for the video.
9. You can even add the advertisements to the video through the five p editor on the buttom. Once advertisements
   are added, you can view them in the total list tab.
10. You can link the advertisement with the present annotation on the page using the link to annot check box.
11. Once the editing is done you need to save the draft and publish the same(two buttons on the editor)
12. There are two text areas in the same page below the video.
13. The first one will give the embed code for video editing.
14. Copy paste the code into your blog/html pages to get the same editing window.
15. Copy paste the code in the next (bottom) text area to get the player in your blog post/html page.

16. You can always edit the same video using the editing page which will reflect in your player page.

Possible problems:
1. The video doesnt get loaded in the blog.
Solution: Please note that the while posting the code, there should not be any line breaks in between
the code. The blog editor by default adds new line breaks 

If you find any problems, do leave a comment 

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Basic player embedded in a blog post

Here i am embedding the basiv player into a blog post.
Flash content here

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

fivep player embedded as a javascript

Here i am adding the js version of the fivep editor into the code 
Flash content